Money is a faith (1) : The End Of Jiaozi

In the process of barter, people invented money, and money is just a manifestation of money. The reason why the concept of money almost occupied my whole understanding of money is that I only knew that when I was young, I could only use paper money, that is, money.

A long time ago, people used real objects to exchange goods. After historical iteration, from cloth and shells to gold, silver and copper, and finally to paper, it became more and more convenient to use, but its practicability was greatly reduced.

Why do people recognize the value of a piece of paper?

The world's first paper money appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty, with a history of 8900 years.

The prosperity of commercial society is all over the country. It's inconvenient for people to carry a large amount of gold and silver. Therefore, some large businesses carry out such a business. The guests send the real gold and silver to the business name, and the business opens an equal bill. The guests can exchange gold and silver in a different business name with the bill, while the business only charges a small amount of handling fees.

Later, more than a dozen large businesses jointly issued "Jiaozi", which was exchanged for the same amount of gold and silver. It was endorsed by real gold and silver and the credit of big merchants that produced the earliest gold and silver based currency in the world.

Later, they found that a small amount of excessive hair would not affect the reputation of Jiaozi, because there are always a large number of gold and silver piles in the vault. In turn, they used more loans to increase the income of the firm. This creates the most primitive financial leverage.

The ticket numbers of big businesses have been opened all over the country. Jiaozi has enough status in people's mind and is widely recognized by the society. People can even directly use jiaozi to make transactions. That is to say, the available expenditure originally formed by real gold and silver has become the expanded available expenditure formed by the real wealth of real gold and white gold and the invisible wealth created by jiaozi Chaofa.

The success of Jiaozi in distribution and circulation attracted the attention of the government, so it was changed to "official Jiaozi", which was managed by the government. In order to make up for the shortage of copper money on the market, a large number of Jiaozi were issued. Later, due to the excessive issuance of Jiaozi, the value of Jiaozi began to depreciate. The government changed jiaozi into a money guide, the denomination of which was determined by the government, and it was no longer allowed to exchange silver freely.

As a result, the emperor soon discovered the advantages of printing money, which was much easier than taxing

As a result, the government began to publicly plunder social wealth and treat ordinary people as idiots. When people find that paper money is constantly devalued, people begin to change their money into various kinds of movable or real estate, and even force the market to start to see "barter".

In the Ming Dynasty, the Ming government learned from the Song Dynasty, but suffered from the lack of enough copper to supply coins, so it had to issue "Ming banknotes". As a result, after more than 200 years of bleakness, "Daming banknote" was abolished by the emperor in 1522, and was officially stopped. As a result, silver once again stepped on the stage of history and became the mainstream currency in the Chinese market.

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