The view of the roof

A new place to live on the 25th floor! Climb up one more layer, you can see the "scenery"

A corner of Putuo

Mountains and trees, pagoda cliff carvings, Sanskrit waves, seclusion in a corner, accompanied by the breeze and water...

Night in Lijiang

No time to climb the lion mountain, can only rely on the plane to see Lijiang night...

Clear water Tiger Leaping Gorge

If we didn't go to Tiger Leaping Gorge in winter and see the Jinsha River turned into clear water, we would not know that it was not called Jinsha River because of muddy water! In Song Dynasty, the real reason why it was called Jinsha River was that there were a lot of sand gold in the river.

White Water Jade Mound

The white water platform is stacked in layers, like pieces of slanting moon scattered in the world, and like the silver ornaments of Naxi girls. They are stacked into countless silver rings, shining in the morning and shining in the evening, scattering the silver light, giving people the freshness of throwing gold and cutting jade...